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Various mistakes that do not require vocational expertise but are based on human factors are made in production facilities. Even the slightest mistake can cause production processes to be interrupted. Most of these types of mistakes can be prevented by training employees.

Manufacturing requires a cautious balancing between efficiency and protection, which necessitates plant worker preparation. Managers must conduct the workforce efficiently in order to maintain productivity and quality while still meeting deadlines and profitability targets.

VR Trainings offer mental repetitions away from the line to help production associates learn the skills they need to perform their work while still improving situational perception and safety protocol experience. Manufacturers are moving to virtual reality training because it has been shown to cut training time, defect rates, and staff turnover time.


Assembly duties consist of repetitive tasks. And, it has one right way of doing it mostly. When the addition of new equipment on the line or onboarding happens, it is important that employees do these tasks in the correct order. A VR assembly trainer reduces the training costs, focuses on the patterns that matter, increases operational efficiency and makes it possible to determine how much time an employee spent on the steps. Teaching the desired torque value is a prominent objective of assembly trainer.


Procedural Knowledge refers to the knowledge of how to perform a specific skill or task, and is considered knowledge related to methods, procedures, or operation of equipment. And each step in the production process has its own procedures. It is vital that these rules, which take place in a wide range from hazard identification to lean manufacturing applications, be understood by the unit employees, and the root causes are comprehended. VR education solutions are preferred to raise this awareness.


Quality assurance, of course, is an indispensable part of manufacturing. The workforce on this step is needed to be trained and examined. The best-fitting technology for such training and examination is virtual reality. Virtual reality gets a higher rate of comprehension while increasing operational efficiency.


The main difference that distinguishes this solution from the assembly solution is the ability to use machines and equipments. It is important for an operator to not only know the effects of the controls on the machine he uses but also to have the correct reflexes. And the ideal solution for this is Virtual Reality. Because it creates a virtual replica of the machine. Thus, it enables both perceptual memory and muscle memory to be improved.



Technical skills training is focused on the physical experiences of the trainee in the virtual environment in which he or she works. With this training, the psychological states of other people around the individual are completely ignored, and they focus solely on physical actions. The trainees are thereby upskilled technically they need to learn. And, repetitions improve the skill’s durability.

 As it is known, many sports branches are based on upskilling through training. Here, the primary goal is to teach the correct method and to create muscle memory in the individual. A similar situation is observed in technical skills training which is used in a wide range, such as production, maintenance, operations, and crisis scenarios. Thanks to VR Training Solutions, it is ensured that trainees improve their professional skills and gain confidence. Because they learned, they tried, they did it, they repeat it. And, now they know.


The pattern followed in the daily work of some employees is important. An error has a time cost, even in the simplest case. These patterns are encountered in so many workplaces, such as a power plant, or an assembly line. Learning, understanding, and absorbing this pattern are very important. At this point, VR technology is the most effective tool that transforms this education into behavior. It is very similar to the fact that a person who learns to ride a bicycle does not forget that psychomotor skill for a lifetime.


Remaining calm is one of the most critical issues in case of emergency situations. It is very difficult for a person who has lost his composure to apply emergency procedures correctly. If employees are familiar with the incident and have situational awareness, they can implement the procedures correctly. Employees who are trained with VR Training Solutions are better prepared for emergencies. This ensures that damage is minimized.


Response time can be an important parameter for some jobs. This is also a kind of technical skill. This skill can be trained and developed. However, waiting for this learning process to develop with experience causes costs for companies. VR Trainer is the ideal solution for exactly these situations. This training can be carried out without the time loss of a senior employee and loss in production. This solution is also ideal for observing and clearly recording employees’ progress over time.


Measuring the level of knowledge of some personnel can be of great importance. Training personnel with a high level of knowledge is a waste of resources. Giving personnel with a low level of knowledge responsibility without training poses a risk. However, an evaluation session to be made to understand this situation is a costly study. There is an exam mode in VR Training Solutions. The know-how of the person can be measured unmistakably and cost-effectively thanks to the mode.