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Central assigning, monitoring, data analytics, and standardization are the major motivations for dealer training programs. Standards defined by the headquarters are needed to be conveyed without any loss. Therefore corporates can not leave dealer training to luck.

Dealers are the key partners and should be updated about ranging from maintenance to customer relations. When a policy or equipment changed, it should be done more than just a notification. The update should be adapted.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. If you won’t be able to improve it, why should you invest in it? Virmode’s VR Training Solutions provides a digital universe in that the company and the dealers can come together. It’s another dimension of reality.


Virtual reality encourages associates to be qualified before the technology is ever mounted, allowing the best instructors to be used virtually. This ensures that the daily business flow is not disrupted. It ensures 100% accuracy in the preparation and makes store or dealer associates proficient right before the novelty appears before employees. Changing situations require associates to gain the know-how. Associates have hands-on instruction to practice performing the new processes, which reduces their time to competency and eliminates the travel costs. More specifically, since preparation periods are greatly shorter, associates are on the floor contributing earlier. For example, VR is the perfect way for electric car manufacturers to train their mechanics about the chemistry of their new cars.


Manufacturers need every maintenance engineer / service personnel to get up to speed on their position and master workflows as soon as possible in order to achieve the best efficiency and throughput. They can benefit by doing in virtual reality, which is extremely beneficial for the abilities required to communicate with machinery effectively. Learners assume their positions, engage their muscles, and train the skills required to be effective on the line when wearing the headset. They get immediate input on their teaching choices, which confirms what they’ve learned and improves long-term retention.


Values-driven companies are constantly searching for new opportunities to reinforce their culture, which helps to create a positive stakeholder and consumer experience. With VR preparation, team members practice and absorb business principles. The experience brings learners around a simulated environment, simulating normal experiences with team members and consumers while emphasizing each key value. Training times are greatly shortened by using the headset. VR helps to standardize the message you want to deliver.


Today’s businesses move at a breakneck pace. Since there is no room for errors or downtime, preparation is more critical than ever. Employees will exercise on demand, feel comfortable when exercising. In the end, this improves preparedness, guarantees professionalism, and establishes confidence. Most importantly, it is simple to identify typical blunders and correlations of mistakes.

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